My Weekend In Photos

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Photo by my very talented photographer friend Dustin
Giggles with the bestie at her new apartment
My new medicine cabinet (which will never, ever be this organized again)
This crepe is my dreams - banana, caramel, ice cream and whipped cream
First pedicure ever!
Deep fried pickle poutine
I had a really awesome weekend, so I thought I'd share the pictures. In preparation for my Cuba trip (3 days!!!) I attempted to clean my place up which didn't really happen, but I did organize my makeup (baby steps, right?) I went for my first pedicure ever and I think I'm hooked! What a fantastic way to relax. It wasn't the healthiest of weekends as you can see by the poutine and crepe, but both were so magically delicious that I don't even care. And I finished the weekend up with a trip to my friend Tashia's new apartment where lots of wine and giggles were shared. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. It's looks like you had an awesome weekend, Rochana! Your pedicure came out great, nice polish color! Now that crepe is going to be in my dreams as well(it looks so delicious, substitute bananas w/ berries). Happy Monday :) Have an awesome week!

    1. Thanks girl! I hope you have an awesome week too :)

  2. The first picture is indeed very well done! Love your medicine aka make up cabinet, gorgeous!


  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. That crepe looks amazing, I bet it was delicious. Nice blog!


  4. Your husband is insanely clever - that photo of you is gorgeous! I love your glitter pedi too... I am long overdue for one... by like maybe 3 years ;) xx

    1. Ahaha, not my husband :P But thanks for compliment!

      I was 23 years overdue for that pedicure haha

  5. My makeup will never be that organized...EVER! :)
    xo Erin