My Trip To Cuba

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I'm really bad at taking pictures when I'm on vacation - I'm always in the mindset of wanting to live in the moment rather than capture it behind a camera. This is always nice while I'm there, but a bit sad when I get back. I recently bought a GoPro in hopes that having a good quality and fairly indestructible camera would help me with this. I still don't have as much photo evidence (is that the term I'm looking for here?) as I might have liked, but at least I've got a few good shots. Check them out below!

Sangria with my best girl, Katrina
We stayed at Villa Cuba, which was a hotel mostly comprised of villas turned into hotel rooms
The coolest part of the trip was the stop to hang out with the Dolphin's during our catamaran trip - this one is a 5 year old male named Chubby
Our favorite bartender, Humberto
Somebody was too drunk to do their own makeup...
A nice group photo on our last night
Doing the "Ward Face"
As far as warm destinations go, I have only been to Mexico and Cuba, so I don't have a ton of hot destination travel experience. But from that, I can tell you that I like Cuba better. The beaches were absolutely amazing, the people were really friendly and it felt very safe. The place just had a very relaxed, happy atmosphere which made all the difference to me. Since it was a budget trip we didn't have the fanciest hotel rooms, or the most luxurious meals, but for under $1000 each I think we did pretty alright. It's definitely a trip that I'll never forget and would go back in a heartbeat!

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  1. Great Photos! My family and I travel to Cuba every winter and we love it too. We travel with our two small kids and we always feel very safe and the people are so friendly. Seeing your pictures makes me want to be there NOW! On the East Coast we are experiencing some frigid snowy weather. Looks like you and your friends had a great trip and made some amazing memories. Take care!

    1. Thanks Angela! I was amazed at the friendliness of the people and above anything else that's why I'd want to go back. Take care and stay warm!