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Holy shitballs you guys. I try not to swear too much on here, but this warrants it. Close Talker's new album, Flux, is available to stream today (available for purchase on November 4th)! I've been listening to it all afternoon at work and I just can't get enough. 

They've grown a lot since Timbers came out last year. In interviews they frequently mention the deliberateness of Flux and you can hear why. Each chord and drumbeat feel like they have been put there specially for your listening pleasure. 

The album has a sound that draws you in and lets you get lost - it has an almost ethereal quality. "Heads", "Great Unknown" and "The Silence I" make me want to lay in bed with the lights out and my headphones on so that I can really absorb the sound.

"For the Sun" and "Patmos" are more upbeat, with the latter being the most reminiscent of Timbers to me. They've done a really nice job of transitioning to a newer sound while still staying true to the band that I fell in love with when I heard their first album. 

Interestingly enough my least favorite tune on the album is the closer, "Slow Weather." I had picked up the Slow Weather EP that they released back in December (featuring three acoustic covers of their own tunes and one Bon Iver cover) and loved it. However I'm not as stoked about the non-acoustic version of the song. It might just be because I've grown used to the acoustic version, but the track feels a little rushed to me. Even so, I still think it's a good song.

If you like Local Natives, Bombay Bicycle Club or Foals you're gonna dig Close Talker. I would definitely recommend listening all the way from "Heads" to "Slow Weather", but if you just want to give it a test drive check out "For the Sun" and "The Silence I". 

You can listen to "For the Sun" below or the entire album over at Exclaim!

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