Song of the Day - Great Unknown by Close Talker

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The best worst picture I have of meeting these guys
This summer I was fortunate enough to be able to meet the members of Close Talker thanks to my good friend Tashia who was playing at the same festival that they were. We creepily waited backstage for them after their set and they were nice enough to oblige our request for a picture. We did take some nice ones, but this ridiculous one is my favorite. They're just a bunch of fun guys who make great music.

And on that topic, here's today's song of the day! In the lead up to the launch of their sophomore album Flux (out November 4th) , Close Talker has premiered "Great Unknown". And I gotta tell you it's pretty amazing. I would try to describe this song, but I think it's better if you just have a listen. 

They're also added some new tour dates for the Flux release. Check 'em out here. I know I'll definitely be there on the 11th!


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