No Pants Are The Best Pants - A (Work) Week Without Pants

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1. Dress - Shop Hopes (old, similarsimilar) // Belt - Unknown (similar)  Boots - Nine West (old, similar, similar) // Scarf - Ardene (similar, similar)

2. Dress - Bootlegger // Booties - Nine West (old, similar, similar)

3. Dress - Tobi // Belt - Hot Topic (old, similar)

I have a confession to make - I hate pants. If I could live my life in short shorts and dresses I would. But unfortunately I live in a place where it sometimes gets so cold that the air hurts your face. When it gets to be -40 degrees you stop feeling the cold and your skin just hurts. And your car might not start even if it's brand new and you've plugged it in. But I digress, this rant was supposed to be about my hatred of pants, not how miserably cold Saskatchewan can get.

I had never really thought about why I had such rage against jeans. I just thought that's how I was. When I was 3 years old the only thing I ever wanted to wear was a lime green bikini. I figured I just didn't really like being covered up. But just recently it kind of dawned on me and it's all got to do with my body shape. I've always had a disproportionately big butt and thighs compared to my waist (as dictated by generic clothing sizes). When I started regularly working out this only got more exaggerated. And after years of searching I have yet to find one pair of jeans that I can wear without a belt. There's a Kickstarter campaign called Barbell Denim that is making jeans specifically for athletic body types, which I think is a great idea, but I'm not crazy about how the jeans look in terms of wash and styling. 

Which brings me to the point of this post, no pants! It's been a beautifully warm October and I've been savoring every last moment of it. I can only hope that this weather continues as long as possible and I can continue my pants ban that's been going on for the past week.

4. Jacket - Roxy // Shirt - Ardene (similar) // Scarf - Bootlegger // Skirt - Billabong (old, similar) // Boots - Steve Madden

5. Cardigan - Shop Hopes (old, similar) // Dress - Winners (old, similar) // Necklace - Target (old, similar) // Boots - Steve Madden

Enjoy the weekend ladies!

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  1. Love all of your outfits hun. I too am digging the boots and dress look this season. You look gorgeous xx