Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing

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Background Photo Courtesy BBC, Quote Via Helen Keller
Yesterday I watched this terrifying video (SPOILER ALERT: the gosling is okay in the end) from BBC's new program, Life Story. 

Holy wow, right? As a survival technique to avoid predators such as foxes, barnacle geese build their nests on insanely tall cliffs like this. Since the parents don't feed their young, the only chance the goslings have for survival is making the terrifying leap. 

Now I'm certainly not going to be jumping off cliffs anytime soon, but this video got me thinking of how long it had been since I'd done something outside of my comfort zone. It also made me want to travel to see things that I've never seen before (there's certainly no amazing cliffs like this near Saskatchewan). So I think I will combine the two and take a trip on my own for the first time. 

I went to California last year for Coachella and I've been missing it since. There was just something about that place - a kind of lightness. So I think I'm going to go back. I have a week off of school starting February 13th, so that will have to be when I go. I'm hoping that by posting this on here I will be less likely to chicken out and take a note from the barnacle gosling and just jump in.

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  1. Hey Sask Girl, nice post lol.
    Well I went on vacation on my own in june 2014 to Malta for the first time. Travelling alone gives you a totaly different experience imho. You search for different things when you are alone out of your comfort zone. With my last (lonely) Malta vacation from september 2014 my life is now turning completly in a different direction.