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Before I hit publish on my first post ever (this one), I spent a ton of time reading other wonderful blogs out there, paying special attention to posts featuring tips on what you need to know before starting a blog of your own. There was a lot of great information out there and the main tips I picked up were:

  • Have lots of content ready before you start
  • It's more important to post regularly than all of the time
  • Find your niche and stick to it
  • Be active on social media
  • Have bright, big, high quality photos and a clean layout 
  • Be a part of the community - read other blogs, comment always and genuinely get to know your fellow bloggers

All of these points center around the idea of having great content, getting people to visit your blog so that they can see your great content and giving them a reason to come back. I figured that I could follow these rules - I was already reading lots of blogs and posting daily on Instagram. I knew that I wanted my blog to be based primarily in fashion, with some posts on nail art, music and fitness added in. So I would begin to create content, with the promise that I would post 3 times a week. 

Well that plan kind of went to crap as soon as I'd written that one post. I was too excited and proud about it to wait to publish it. And shortly after that I had failed on many of the other points too. But do you know what's awesome? It doesn't matter! 

I didn't get into blogging to become famous, or to make money. Sure those things would be really cool, but it's not why I'm here. I'm doing this because it's something I genuinely enjoy (when I have the time for it). It's an awesome creative outlet for me and I was feeling that was a lacking area in my life. It's pushed me, in a good way, to get out of my comfort zone. In short, I am doing it for me. 

I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way and think that I don't care about the people who read my blog because I do. I care a lot. But life is a balancing act and sometimes there are more important things than this blog. 

For years I have been working full time, as well as taking a 60% class load at the University of Regina (which the government still counts as full time - YAY for tax breaks!), living on my own and looking after my sweet dog, Mira. I've had several friends tell me that they don't know how I can do so much at once, but in my opinion it's just a matter of priorities. First and foremost is mine and Mira's well-being, then my job, then school, then this blog. This means that sometimes I'm not going to do great in school and I've accepted that. And sometimes I won't be able to post for a while (like my recent month long post hiatus). 

Perhaps one day I will have less going on so that I'll be able to post 5 times per week. But if I've learned anything in the past few years it's that my life isn't constant and I don't think it will ever be. And I love that. I have the soul of an adventurer and each step I take is meant to bring new, exciting things into my life. This blog has already taken me to some amazing places and I can only hope that there's more incredible things to come. 

I am a blonde at heart, but every now and again I get bored and decide to change it up with my hair. I nearly jumped on the grayish pastel trend that is so in right now (Dascha Polanco of Orange Is The New Black rocks it the best) , but I wasn't a fan of the upkeep. I've had purple and blue streaks in my hair previously and even those were tough to maintain. So I decided to go with a semi-permanent brunette look and I love it! The great thing about semi-permanents is that they're really easy on your hair (mine has never felt softer) and easy to reverse. I also like the warmth that this color brings to my face since I won't be getting too much sun in the next few months and am so naturally pale.

Are any of you planning on changing your locks for the winter months? I hope you're all enjoying American Thanksgiving!

I'm really bad at taking pictures when I'm on vacation - I'm always in the mindset of wanting to live in the moment rather than capture it behind a camera. This is always nice while I'm there, but a bit sad when I get back. I recently bought a GoPro in hopes that having a good quality and fairly indestructible camera would help me with this. I still don't have as much photo evidence (is that the term I'm looking for here?) as I might have liked, but at least I've got a few good shots. Check them out below!

Sangria with my best girl, Katrina
We stayed at Villa Cuba, which was a hotel mostly comprised of villas turned into hotel rooms
The coolest part of the trip was the stop to hang out with the Dolphin's during our catamaran trip - this one is a 5 year old male named Chubby
Our favorite bartender, Humberto
Somebody was too drunk to do their own makeup...
A nice group photo on our last night
Doing the "Ward Face"
As far as warm destinations go, I have only been to Mexico and Cuba, so I don't have a ton of hot destination travel experience. But from that, I can tell you that I like Cuba better. The beaches were absolutely amazing, the people were really friendly and it felt very safe. The place just had a very relaxed, happy atmosphere which made all the difference to me. Since it was a budget trip we didn't have the fanciest hotel rooms, or the most luxurious meals, but for under $1000 each I think we did pretty alright. It's definitely a trip that I'll never forget and would go back in a heartbeat!

I recently discovered Indie Shuffle which is an awesome website that features new indie music every day! I found myself listening to a bunch of cool covers, so I thought I'd do a post of my 10 favorite cover songs. If you'd rather play them all at once, you can find all 20 on my YouTube playlist here. Enjoy!

1. Matt Corby - Lonely Boy (The Black Keys)

This one is probably my favorite out of the bunch for a number of reasons. The original video is killer (The Black Keys had a different video shot, but were unhappy with it, but they really liked this guy's moves), Matt Corby's voice is amazing and he transforms the song in a beautiful way.

2. This Absorable Little Girl And Her Dad - Home (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetric Zeros)


If you don't find this cute, you might be the Grinch. 

3. Holy Ghost! - Hold On We're Going Home (Drake)

I'm not a huge Drake fan by any means, but Holy Ghost! have turned me around with Hold On We're Going Home.

4. When I Grow Up - Mayday Parade (Pussycat Dolls)

I thought I was so cool listening to this song in highschool. I might still think I'm so cool listening to this song...

5. Get Low - Dan Henig (Lil' Jon)

I had to include one of these slow acoustic versions of rap songs that are equally confusing and hilarious. Other noteworthy ones include Jenny Owen Young's Hot In Herre and Ben Fold's Bitches Ain't Shit.

6. The Suburbs - Mr Little Jeans (Arcade Fire)

It takes balls to cover Arcade Fire and I think Mr Little Jeans does it so well.

7. House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'Connell (The Animals)

The House Of The Rising Sun might be the most covered song ever. I heard this version on American Horror Story Coven and was awed at how Lauren O'Connell somehow made this classic rock tune mystical and eerie. 

8. Hozier - Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)

Bravo Hozier, bravo.

9. Chet Faker - No Diggity (Blackstreet)

I love Chet Faker and I love No Diggity - this was an easy choice.

10. Muse - Feeling Good

Another heavily covered song, Feeling Good has been touched by the likes of Michael Buble and the Pussycat Dolls. Muse does it the best.

I hope you enjoyed the list! Here's one bonus tune for the upcoming holidays:

Photo by my very talented photographer friend Dustin
Giggles with the bestie at her new apartment
My new medicine cabinet (which will never, ever be this organized again)
This crepe is my dreams - banana, caramel, ice cream and whipped cream
First pedicure ever!
Deep fried pickle poutine
I had a really awesome weekend, so I thought I'd share the pictures. In preparation for my Cuba trip (3 days!!!) I attempted to clean my place up which didn't really happen, but I did organize my makeup (baby steps, right?) I went for my first pedicure ever and I think I'm hooked! What a fantastic way to relax. It wasn't the healthiest of weekends as you can see by the poutine and crepe, but both were so magically delicious that I don't even care. And I finished the weekend up with a trip to my friend Tashia's new apartment where lots of wine and giggles were shared. 

How was your weekend?